How Does My Library Measure Up?

Does your library meet or exceed the new Model School Library Standards?  Take a look at the standards.  They are posted to the California Department of Education website at

For example, in the area of digital and information literacy, the State Board of Education (SBE) adopted Model School Library Standards for K12 students that define learning outcomes for each grade level in the following areas:

*     Creating Information (Standard 3)
*     Accessing Information (Standard 1)
*     Analyzing Information (Standard 2)
*     Managing Information  (Standard 1)
*     Integrating Information (Standard 4)
*     Evaluating Information  (Standard 2)
*     Communicating Information (Standard 3)

California Schools now have a clear model for guidance to answer the question, what should our kids know and when should they know it.  California is fortunate to have teachers in classrooms and in school libraries that have achieved an additional credential in the area of information and digital literacy.  The Commission on Teacher Credentialling (CTC) identifies these dual credentialed teachers as "teacher librarians."